Indian Indices
24,613.00 26.30
81,343.46 626.91
( 0.78%)
Bank Nifty
52,396.80 -59.10
( -0.11%)
Nifty IT
39,141.50 230.15
( 0.59%)
Global Indices
17,996.93 -512.41
Dow Jones
41,198.08 243.60
Hang Seng
17,778.41 39.00
Nikkei 225
40,126.35 -971.34
83.57 -7.51
91.02 -0.05
108.32 -0.09
0.53 0.00


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Heading Description
Accident Benefit An add-on with a life policy. It compensates a policyholder in the event of death or injury by accident
Annuity An investment option that makes a series of regular payments to an individual in exchange for a premium or a series of premia.
Appreciate To grow in value
Asset Everything owned or due to a person
Asset allocation How your investments are spread across various asset classes
Bond It is like an IOU. By buying a bond you loan money to a company, a municipality, state or the Central Government
Bonus The amount paid as return in a ‘with-profit’ policy. The bonus, expressed as a percentage of the sum assured, is generally declared every year. The amount is linked to the profits earned by the insurer. Depending on the time of withdrawal, there are two kinds of bonuses – reversionary and cash. A reversionary bonus can be encashed only on maturity of the policy; a cash bonus can be withdrawn when declared
Budget It is a tool used to monitor and control expenditures and purchases.
Capital gains Profit earned from the sale of stocks, mutual fund units and real estate. Long-term capital gains arise from assets owned for more than a year while short-term capital gains are made from assets owned for less than a year.
Compound Interest Interest computed on principal plus interest accrued during the previous periods of the investment
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